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Managing Retail and Hospitality Waste Post-Lockdown


Managing Retail and Hospitality Waste Post-Lockdown

With summer upon us and the sun now gracing us with its presence, we are all eagerly awaiting the 12th of April for the opening of the retail and hospitality sector to celebrate and socialise with loved ones.

Although we are all glad the end is nigh, one positive that came out of lockdown was a reduction in food waste, with Love Food Hate Waste reporting that the UK reduced household food waste by one-third during the lockdown.

Due to pasta shortages and excessive panic-buying, households made sure meals and ingredients were properly planned and overripe bananas were put to good use. But will this be matched by the retail and hospitality sector post-lockdown?

What will happen when retail/hospitality opens up again?

Although we are all so relieved to see a big decrease in Covid-19 cases, there is an industry concern about the inevitable increase of waste produced from the extra demand on restaurants and pubs when reopening again in the UK.

Recent restaurant statistics from WRAP show that UK restaurants are responsible for producing 915,400 tonnes of waste every year. With 199,100 tonnes of this coming in the form of food waste. Food waste cost restaurants in the United Kingdom a vast £682 million per year. Due to this, appropriate waste management is of paramount importance to help reduce the environmental impact.

What changes can be made?

When it comes to managing waste in the retail sector, excess packaging is a big repeat offender. With 91% of consumers saying it’s important the brand they visit sources environmentally friendly packaging, the retail and hospitality sector should try to minimise the packaging used in-store and online or invest in a recyclable alternative. This is especially important with the increase of takeaways and outdoor eating we’ve seen during the pandemic.

Make sure you have sufficient bins.

As well as ensuring there is enough food and crockery available to feed the masses, businesses should make sure there are bins that are big enough on-site to cope with the increase of waste. All businesses must handle the waste they produce responsibly. Fletchers Waste Management can provide the bins and the removal service you need to make sure all your business waste is responsibly handled.

Have a policy in place

Although it is always great for businesses to start reducing their waste and recycle more, it’s always wise to make sure staff are educated on how they can contribute to reducing workplace waste. To make this easier, we recommend a clear recycling policy that can be displayed at your retail premises. Doing so also shows visitors that the business is dedicated to reducing retail and hospitality waste.

Fletchers Waste are leading providers of commercial bins and skip hire in Sheffield, Rotherham and the wider South Yorkshire area, offering various sizes. For more information on managing your retail and hospitality waste, please contact us here.