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Fletchers Waste Partnership With PIN IoT


Fletchers Waste Management and PIN IoT have entered into an exciting new partnership to integrate real-time tracking of Ro-Ro’s and Skips into our fleet.

By partnering with PIN IoT and rolling out our container trackers, it will give us real-time visibility of container and vehicle movements across our fleet. In addition, investing in this technology will help us better understand what containers we already have and create clearer visibility of when they are available and where.

As our company expands and evolves, we need to dedicate time to invest in our technology and our ways of working. The continued company growth has naturally lead to us looking at purchasing more skips and containers. However, the industry will know that these are in short supply and have slow delivery times, so this has not always been viable.

In fact, we discovered we had more containers in the early stages of our partnership than we initially thought. Now that we can more accurately manage current stock, it gives us another time and money-saving option rather than just ordering more.  

Each container will now have its own unique digital identity. Adding this will help us be able to offer more accurate time scales as well as increase availability for our customers. Relevant information for the container is captured at the point of fitting, including serial number, container type, colour, manufacturer and photographs. 

Every movement is automatically captured and received into our software platform from the trackers from this point forward. Helping improve our operations, customer service and compliance. We are excited for our data to become vastly improved, meaning we can respond more quickly to new enquiries.

There is also an environmental benefit to these trackers, which is important to our sustainability efforts. Having more visibility of our skips and containers' journeys will make it easier for us to track and plan delivery routes. From this, we will use the data to re-arrange our driver’s jobs with more effective and environmentally friendly routes.

PIN IoT have worked hard to ensure there has been no disruption to the daily runnings of our business whilst fitting the trackers, and for that, we are grateful. 

Fletchers waste and PIN IoT
PIN IoT attaching tracker
PIN IoT tracker on Fletchers Skip