Soil Sample Testing Kit for Excavated Waste

The Soil Lab - Fast, Easy, and Accurate Soil Testing

Fletchers Waste Management is a leading waste management and skip hire company in the UK. We deliver high quality domestic and commercial waste solutions, putting our 35 years’ experience in waste management to use every single day.

At Fletchers Waste Management we are always looking to provide the services to keep our customers ahead of the game. That’s why we have now launched The Soil Lab, a complete soil sample testing service. We understand how important knowing the content of your soil is so that you meet waste classification laws, so The Soil Lab provides simple to use soil sampling kits for commercial and domestic use. 

Soil Lab GraphicSoil Lab GraphicSoil Lab Graphic

Reasons to use The Soil Lab:

  • We can deliver as many kits as you need.
  • Fast and accurate results.
  • No experience needed.
  • Get your results in only a few days.
  • A site visit can be arranged if you require assistance.

Ensure you are compliant with our Soil Testing Kit

Our SoilLab kit contains: 

  • Two 250ml sample jars
  • A sample log sheet
  • Two pairs of gloves
  • A sitemap indicator
  • A postal label for the box to enable quick and easy return of your samples by our SoilLab courier 

Once we receive your sample, we test your soil for:

  • Density
  • Strength
  • Compaction
  • Sand
  • Organic content and contaminations

We also provide a WAC test that offers a speedy 3-to-5-day turnaround both locally and nationwide, and a 3-to-12 day POPS test turnaround giving you the answers you need without unnecessary delays.