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Roboskip - April Fools!

Fletchers waste management are proud to introduce our revolutionary new product – Roboskip. After years of development, we have perfected a wide range of advanced A.I technologies including; radar, 360-degree motion cameras and ultrasound sensors allowing driver-less Roboskips to safely navigate our roads.


Automated waste cover for safety

To allow Roboskip to return to our facility safely and with all waste intact, a retractable and highly flexible fabric weave cover known as ‘Hyper-Flex’ will automatically cover the skip once you are finished with it. This protects and secures all waste, making sure that nothing falls out of our skips on the return journey.

Revolutionary waste-autopilot

We have developed a revolutionary new feature known as “Waste-Autopilot”, which uses six 4K resolution cameras to provide 360-degree visibility. The high-quality halogen headlights enable nighttime deliveries, while a staggering twenty ultrasonic sensors and a front-facing radar work to analyse the vehicle’s surroundings for potential hazards. This ensures your waste is safely delivered from your driveway to our waste recycling centre whilst saving you money!


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