Fletchers Waste Management Proudly Supporting S6 Foodbank

Fletchers S6 Foodbank Dropoff Point

We are pleased to announce that Fletchers Waste Management is now in partnership with S6 Foodbank. We will be using our resources to help drive as many donations to S6 Foodbank as possible and helping to raise awareness about their wonderful work.

Our offices on Clement Street will be home to a donation point for the organisation where we welcome visitors to make a contribution. Throughout the year we plan to run several initiatives to encourage droves of donations to help support S6 Foodbank as much as we possibly can. 

Foodbanks help some of the most vulnerable members of our community make ends meet when they are struggling the most. Now more than ever it’s important that we look out for each other and help where possible. We’re proud to be starting this partnership with S6 Foodbank and hope to encourage many others to contribute too. 

About S6 Foodbank

S6 Foodbank is part of the network of 428 foodbanks across the UK. The foodbank is a project run by local churches and community groups. 

“As a network, we want to see more people helped out of crisis and fewer people needing foodbanks in the future. That’s why The Trussell Trust and local foodbanks are working together to develop new ways to help people out of crisis through programmes like More Than Food

How you can help